Conversation Circle Application

Change Begins With Conversation

Here are some suggestions and some links to conversations circles in practice. If you would like to expand your understanding and discover application opportunities contact us.

Community Building

  • Change Begins With Conversation
  • Gathering Community
  • Knowledge Expansion
  • Government


Are you gathering information or Expanding Knowledge?

In these uncertain and volatile times corporations are digging in. New ways of leading can access a corporation’s greatest resource opportunity – their people with their vast knowledge base. Learn how Conversation Circles can unleash the power of collective thought. Witness how people can “think together” to find new solutions to issues that matter. Knowledge management up front and personal. Time to become Leader as Host.

Worry about the WHAT not the HOW – Gary Hamel, Leading the Revolution


  • Change Begins With Conversation
  • Who do you need to be thinking with?
  • Thinking Together is the Ultimate Human Resource

“Expand your thinking image” Edward De Bono –  Six Thinking Hats

Board of Directors

  • Change Begins With Conversation
  • Worry about the WHAT not the HOW – Leading the Revolution: Gary Hamel
  • Who do you need to be thinking with?


  • Change Begins With Conversation
  • Community
  • Friendship
  • Book Clubs
  • Church Groups
  • Committee Work

In Practice: